I just wanted to post officially as J.K. Harper. Woot! New name, new site, new goals…I love it! I’m feeling very clean and shiny new, very zing-y, and very creative. Something about a new name opens new vistas.

Why J.K. Harper? My first and middle initials are J.K. (Julie Kristine), and I just like the name Harper. I went through dozens of possibilities with a friend, but this one stuck. Maybe it’s because I like Ben Harper‘s music. Maybe it’s because Harper is a creative, musical word that is similar to “writer,” in its ability to entertain.

And I chose my initials, rather than Julie, because it flowed better. Oh, and there’s a Julia Harper who writes, and I didn’t want us to be confused. 🙂

Anyway, off to bed and sweet dreams.

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