So my first self-pubbed title, my short novella Guardian Wolf, is at the formatter’s as I write this. I’m super thrilled about that! I read a couple books and posts about formatting and my eyes not only glazed over, they about fell out of my head. So, as with my cover, I turned to a professional. After all, I aim for my writing to be a profession. Might as well have every aspect of it be as professional as possible, no? Professional cover artist, professional formatter, professional editor. Check, check, and check.

Since my publication date is drawing nigh (hee hee, I’ve always wanted to say that without sounding like a total cheeseball), though, I’m getting a wee bit worried. Is this how brides and grooms feel as their nuptials suddenly become a reality only weeks or days away?

Let’s not mince words: I am scared and I have cold feet. For quite a few reasons, actually, including the following baseless fears:

1) I suck and will have the reviews and sales figures to prove it

2) There will be a huge typo or other glaring error somewhere in the text that was missed, despite the number of eyeballs that read over my ms. quite a darn few times

3) I now have to let my literary baby out into the world and watch as it perhaps sinks without even the smallest ripple

I could go on, but you get the gist of it.

And of course all the “real-life” stuff is whomping me at the moment, which means I’m not spending as much time on release preparations as I’d like to.

For someone who’s worked (meaning, paid and professional!) as an editor, a reviewer, a back cover copywriter, and a writer, you’d think I’d be a touch more sanguine about all this.

Nope. Not the remotest bit of sanguinity about me. Rather, I have the nail-biting last minute worries of any newbie. Sheesh… but then again, I am a newbie. Guess this is all normal, then. God, I hope it gets easier with time.

Back into the writing cave. If I just keep writing, perhaps the nerves will settle a bit.

2 comments on “on getting cold feet

  1. Widow Dyer

    JK, I have to admit when I read this post I actually choked up a little bit. Because with every chapter I finish, I know I’m a step closer to putting something that I’ve put my heart and soul into out into the world to be judged. So I wholeheartedly relate and sympathize. But as I’ve told you on Twitter, I’ve got your back. Just tell me when it’s officially released, and I’ll tweet the hell out of it. 😉

    Peace, love and giggles,

  2. J.K. Harper

    Thanks! All tweeting appreciated. All cheerleading appreciated. All back-getting appreciated. 🙂 Very much so! Will be returned to you in spades when your baby heads out into the world as well.

    I think it’s why some people never get past the endless point of “still working on” their books–total fear of how they’ll be received. It can be a vicious reading universe out there, for sure. But we just have to keep plugging along.

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