There’ve been huge dust-ups in the online world about reviews lately. I don’t even want to get into it. But it did send me down a related tangent: seeking reviewers.

When Guardian Wolf hits the virtual shelf, of course I want reviews. I want to see them on sales pages (hello, Amazon), and I’d like to see them on independent reviewer sites. Will I seek out book bloggers? Very possibly indeed.

The question I have is, do I seek them out now? Or do I wait until some purely unsolicited reviews start popping up? What if the reviews are terrible? Do I sink the book like a stone and keep swimming on to the next one, determined to learn?

I’m not entirely convinced reviews can make or break a book, as so many seem to believe. I read people’s blogs and see their book sales charts (those who are brave enough to do so, that is). I’ve checked out some of those books, and noticed that even those with negative reviews sometimes still sell well, according to the author’s tracking.

Of course, a great review sure isn’t going to hurt. But people get savvy about reviews. They get suspicious that the author’s bff, mom, neighbor, whole writing group, has plumped up the reviews with spectacular ones, deserved or not. They’ve heard about paid reviewers. And probably most readers have been burned by buying a book with fabulous reviews, then discovering it’s just not their cuppa tea. (This is one major reason I’m a huge fan of Kindle’s “samples.” I’ve saved myself much money by reading the sample before forking out the dough for something that just doesn’t ring my bell. And I’m totally okay with the idea that readers might do that for my book, too. Not everyone will like it, and I’m sure some will love it.)

Perhaps an even bigger question is, how many book bloggers do I seek out? Some of them have long wait periods. Maybe I should sent out requests now?

Calling reviewers who are interested in my type of book! I offer you a hot paranormal romance with wolf shifters, tension, storyline, and a future in the form of more stories in the same world. Interested?

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