Oh my goodness. I got the formatted version back yesterday. I uploaded to Kindle and Smashwords. And…

Guardian Wolf: Black Mesa Wolves #1 is published!!!!! Yay!!!!!

Holy freaking cow, I am so excited. Happy dancing all the way…lots and lots of that.

Now I will simply bite my nails, quietly, and see how it does. But damn, it’s thrilling.

Sales so far today: one on Kindle from a friend, and one on Smashwords from a total stranger. Hee hee. I like it!

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I am so thankful for all the advice and support along the way. The gorgeous cover art from LFD Designs…the perfect formatting from LK Campbell…the amazing resources of the Romance Divas forums…the excellent beta readers who looked at the manuscript for me. I could not have done it without them all. Thank you!

I’m off to try to breathe now. Oh, and do a bunch of totally not-related errands and deadline stuff today too. Sigh…

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Last Modified: January 22, 2012

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