My life “should” be on a schedule. My writing life, that is. But it isn’t. And that’s a big no-no in the world of active, professional writers, as far as I can tell.

I think this is a personal problem. Ha! Oh, I can schedule with the best of them. When it’s for other people, for companies I’ve worked for, freelance writing for others, that sort of thing, I’m a scheduling champion. Gotta get it done for the client, after all. But for me, that approach doesn’t seem to apply. (Note to self: you are your own corporation, J.K. Act like it.)

Now that I’ve published Guardian Wolf: Black Mesa Wolves #1 (ah, I just looove saying that! Haha.), I need to be speeding full steam ahead on the next one. Well, I’m moving on it, but not as full steam ahead as I’d like. So I need to make a schedule.


Part of the issue at the moment is that I’m on an extended visit with family for a variety of reasons. And family in close proximity can be demanding and very hard to build a schedule around. That’s an excuse, but at least it’s a truthful one.

It’s funny, because I really do love writing paranormal romance. I love it! Paranormal romance as a writing genre is fun, exciting, sexy, and the boundaries of imagination have no limits. One of the problems for me, I think, is that my imagination hops all over the place and finds it difficult to settle on one place to land and be grounded for a period of time while I write my latest masterpiece.

Oh, being a writing genius. It’s tough, I tell you. Snort.

But what I need to do is harness that excitement, that generosity of imagination, of writing paranormal romance, into a super happy exciting omigosh I LOVE to do this sort of attitude.

Every. Single. Day.

Because, damn. Being able to sit down and shout, “Anchors away, imagination! Let’s romp in the deserts with the sexy wolf shifters, prowl the forests with the tiger shifters, slink through the city streets with the urban fantasy bad guys,” every day is such a cool idea. Isn’t it?

Hmm. I just had a peachy new idea for a new story. Excuse me, gotta go write it down.

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