Last week, I returned home from an extended visit with family three states away. Whew, has it been busy! In the weeks leading up to my return, I dropped a lot of writing except for freelance deadlines. I focused on last-minute errands, spending time with family, seeing friends. This was all good stuff, of course–and it took significant time away from my personal writing. My fiction writing.

Then I came home last Wednesday, and it’s been a whirl of socializing and catch-up sleep since then. Today I finally tackled some more freelance writing deadlines, and I have some editing to do right after I post this.

And my writing? Oh, yeah. It’s coming. Because the next installment in the Black Mesa Wolves is pushing at my mind, insistent on fruition. I’ve already begun that novella, and plan to finish it by the end of this month. But damn…making that time is so darn hard sometimes when life gets in the way. I have to say I’m impressed by those fulltime writers who are also parents. I’m not sure how they do that. Me? I have pets and that’s all. Sheesh.

Okay. Enough on my life. Back to work now.

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