My pendulum is swinging with an erratic, alarming tilt. I have oodles (as my mom would say, lol) of time to write at the moment. Sort of. Between freelance assignments and day life things to do, that is. Of course, that’s the issue right there: I even just wrote “between” everything else. Ah, yes. I am not putting my fiction writing first.

The hardest part is getting myself into a regular writing schedule. I like to write in the mornings, but sometimes I get distracted by tweeting and all those other lovely, “essential” internet distractions. Then I get restless, and need to get out and exercise. Or do some yoga. Visit my horses. Go on a long walk with friends and dogs. Errands. Wash dishes. Vacuum. You know.

Eek! When does it all end? How can I regulate my days so I am more committed to writing at a regular time?

I am so, so thrilled Guardian Wolf is steadily working its way up the Kindle charts. It’s super cool! But it reminds me too that I must continue to produce, to just keep writing, because I love it. But now, now that I am published (well, again, but this is totally different than my stories from years ago), the urge to see more of my books out there is–more urgent? Yes, that’s the word.I have an urgent, pressing need to see more of my books out in the world! Cool, terrifying, and daunting all at once.

Wow. This writing thing is so cool, and kind of so weird. I am definitely not balancing well yet. I planned to write my ass off this month and next, but I also plan to do some mini-trips, and possibly do some bits and pieces of work for my day jobs as well.

Sigh. I think this weekend will be very full of writing, and possibly also schedule creating. Anyone got any ideas they want to pass along, feel free. It’s a familiar pattern with me: I can organize and schedule and focus quite well for other people, for other jobs–but not so much for myself. Ha. Clearly, I need help.

Is there a time-management-is-us store out there, anywhere?

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