The second Black Mesa Wolves book, Alpha Wolf, is preparing to head out into the world. Its sexy hero and heroine, Rafe and Sara, have been bouncing around in my brain, working out their heated back-and-forths, circling each other like the curious, attracted, yet very heart-shy wolves they are. They’re a very different couple than Lily and Kieran from Guardian Wolf.

Rafe is serious, focused, dedicated to Pack and duty. His sense of honor binds him tightly. When he finds his mate, he’ll never betray her and always hold her up above all others. But convincing her and himself that they are actually right for each other may be another matter! He will be Alpha one day…and his mate needs to be right there with him every demanding step of the way. He’s held a candle for Sara for years now. Question is, does she still hold it for him as well–and is she ready to help him lead a pack of their own?

Sara, of course, is fun and light-hearted and always looking to enjoy life. She’s very dedicated to Pack as well, but men? Phooey. They just bring a world of hurt. And that is not fun at all. Look what happened after she and Rafe had a super-secret fling years ago, when she was still young and impressionable. She’d adored him since she was a cub, finally fell for his quiet yet intense heat, and bam! Her heart got busted wide open. Painful. There’s no way she’s heading down that path again…Right?

I’m deep into their tale at the moment. I’m also trying to figure out a funny little plot twist that Came Out Of Nowhere. I tell you, the muse–she is a sneaky, giggly thing at times. Anyway, I’m loving writing their story. My favorite part so far? This time, I’m writing some of the scenes from their wolf form POV. I missed doing that with Lily and Kieran, so it was the first thing I wanted to do with Rafe and Sara!

Okay. Back to work. Rafe and Sara have some tough things to go through. Hee hee hee…

14 comments on “Rafe & Sara’s story: the next Black Mesa Wolves installment

    1. J.K. Harper Post author

      Thanks, Amy! I really appreciate that vote of confidence. 🙂 I think they’re pretty sexy too. Heh heh.

  1. Amy Kennedy

    And, can I just add, I lurve funny little plot twists that come out of nowhere, and by that I mean, funny little plot twists that come out of nowhere for OTHER people, besides me. Seriously, I do love them, ’cause they’re our subconscious talking to us — whether we want her to or not!

    1. J.K. Harper Post author

      Right? I love them too, actually. Outlining and plotting save my life, writingwise, but I’m always open to the muse’s thunderbolts. (Open, not always thrilled. Haha!)

  2. shannon m

    I loved reading the first short story which I stumbled across on Amazon. I was wondering if the second will be a SS as well or full length book? Because I can’t get enough and I would love to see more interaction between Lily and delicious Keiran. 🙂 cheers!

  3. J.K. Harper Post author

    Thank you, Shannon! I had a lot of fun writing it. The next one will be about Rafe and Sara, and it will be longer, although not novel length. However, I’ve also had a few other readers ask me about seeing more of Lily & Kieran, so there might be more from them in the future as well. 🙂

  4. Judy P

    I second that on seeing more of Lily & Kieran. But still looking forward to hearing about Sara & Rafe’s story very much. Keep up the great writing. 🙂

    1. J.K. Harper Post author

      Thank you so much, Judy! I’m trying to keep up with my ideas–they come faster than I can write, sometimes. 🙂

  5. Linda Levy

    I also stumbled across guardian wolf and really enjoyed it. Will be a fan of any follow ups if they are as good. I agree with the above comments about finding out about the rest of he pack and what the rogues want. Cannot wait for next installment. Thank you.

    1. J.K. Harper Post author

      Thank you so much! The follow-up stories are coming, slowly but surely.

  6. debbie

    Loved the first book. When do you expect Rafe and Sara’s story to come out?

    1. J.K. Harper Post author

      Thank you, Debbie! I’m still working on Rafe and Sara’s story. My spring and summer became much busier than I expected, which has bitten into my writing time. But Rafe and Sara are definitely on my mind–probably because those characters sometimes seem to literally be nipping at me to get out. I will keep everyone posted on here…

  7. athena

    I just read the first 2 books. I’m so hooked. Can’t wait for the book about Caleb.

    1. J.K Harper

      Thank you, Athena! It means so much to hear from readers, it really does. 🙂 Caleb’s book is coming out soon…he’s a feisty wolf, that one, so he’s been pretty demanding of my writing time, lol. I’ll announce here on the blog and other social media sites when I have a firm release date for Hunting Wolf (Caleb’s book).

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