Okay…I got my FIRST OFFICIAL REVIEW of Guardian Wolf today, and it’s awesome! I’ve been grinning all day. 🙂

From the lovely Sizzling Hot Book Reviews (which I must say has added tremendously to my TBR pile) comes this great, 4 Heart review of Guardian Wolf:

Guardian Wolf is a wonderful first book in a series that I’m anxiously awaiting more! The characters of Lily and Kieran are smoking hot and burn the pages with their passion. But it is the background story of Lily’s alpha status as the daughter of the alpha wolf of the Black Mesa pack that leads to the conflict as now everyone wants a piece of Lily. With her by their side, a new pack can be formed and within a pack is the only way to mate and have children.

Guardian Wolf is a quick and sexy read that is sure to delight readers and leave them wanting more. Lily’s brothers are perfect for their own future stories as they sizzle on the pages. If you enjoy shifter romances, then you are going to love Guardian Wolf.


Yay! I am so thrilled. Feeling quite chuffed with myself, as an English buddy of mine used to say.

Okay. Now…back to work on Rafe and Sara’s story. Must make theirs as sizzlingly wonderful too!


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