More Wicked Alphas, Wilder Nights is almost here!

So I’m behind on blogging. Eh, things happen! I’m a lot chattier on Facebook, though I’m going to try to amp up my blogging again.

Anyhoo. I’m part of a cool set called More Wicked Alphas, Wilder Nights, and it releases on Tuesday, April 12th. There’s a whole passel of awesome PNR authors in it, all of sharing some very sexy scenes from our upcoming releases, or never-before-published snippets from other books.

What do I have in my snippet? A very hot scene from the first book in my upcoming, brand-new DRAGON SHIFTERS series! Yes indeedy, dragon shifters. Yum. The series is called Dragon Mates, the book is called Dazzled, and the hero and heroine are Sebastian Bernal & Lacey Whitman. He’s dragon shifter, she’s a human, and…well, let’s just say things are going to get very hot for them in their scene in More Wicked Alphas, Wilder Nights. Here’s the blurb for the book Dazzled:

Powerful dragon shifter Sebastian Bernal rules a modern empire of riches. Cruelly duped and betrayed once by a woman, he vowed never to love again. His singular passion is collecting priceless rare objects. He quietly stalks the shifter-run antiquities black market, seeking his ancestors’ stolen treasures now being traded by dangerous modern criminals.

Smart, bookish, sensible Lacey Whitman is married to her all-consuming yet beloved job as a museum curator. She has no time for men or a personal life. Especially not when she discovers her very own museum is buying relics on the shadowy black market.

When Sebastian’s instincts tangle with Lacey’s undeniable allure, everything threatens to tip out of his control. The woman is his mate—and she’s about to disrupt not only his bitter oath to recover his family’s legacies by whatever means necessary, but his very heart and soul.

Check out the More Wicked Alphas, Wilder Nights page on my website for all the buy links!


Rogue Wolf book #5 is coming in spring 2016!

Rogue Wolf teaser cover 1


Yes, it’s been a long time coming, but Rogue Wolf will be hitting ereaders in spring 2016. Sorry I don’t have a more exact date yet, but preorders will be going up soon and I’ll let you know when they do.

This is Luke’s story–Luke Rawlins, the one-time rogue wolf who many, many readers have wanted to see more of ever since Guardian Wolf was first published. He’s one of those tortured anti-heroes, someone whose arrogant mask hides a deeply broken, hurting man…a man who can only be saved by the love of one woman. But when that one woman is also the person who betrayed him beyond forgiveness, will he ever be able to crack his hard exterior and learn to love again? Scroll down below the cover (which is gorgeous!) to read the blurb.




Luke Rawlins trusts no one. Growing up in a pack filled with madness and deception will do that to a wolf. As a result, his mind is cold and ruthless, his shattered heart dark and empty. Desperate calculation forced him to choose life as a rogue: always hunted, always watching his back. When he finally found something resembling normal life, he seized the chance to prove his own worth. The only thing missing now is Tala, the only woman he’s ever loved—until she double-crossed him and turned his heart to ash.

Tala Mingan never wanted to be broken, scarred, or merciless, but her upbringing made sure of that. She’s the product of a damaged pack, and in order to survive she had to be calculating and outwardly heartless. Even so, deep inside she misses Luke so badly she know it’s slowly killing her. At least she has memories of the secretly joyful life they dared try to build together—until her treacherous betrayal. The one she knows Luke will never forgive. Trapped by the cruel pack that refuses to let her go, she’s resigned to a short, lonely existence instead.

Then she’s offered a terrible choice. The kind that leaves Tala truly desperate—and willing to do whatever it takes. Even if it means a final, brutal betrayal of the true mate of her heart…or her own life.

PNR Lovers Summer Fun Scavenger Hunt!

Summertime is fun time! PNR Lovers is hosting a Summer Fun Scavenger Hunt, and there are prizes, new authors to discover, and plenty of good times to be had hunting down the clues. The scavenger hunt runs June 29-July 5, and there’s a first prize of a $125 Amazon gift card! There are lots of other prizes as well, so check it out. Hundreds of dollars being given away to the winners!

In addition, many of the authors are giving away something as well, and I’m doing just that, too. To be entered for a $10 Amazon gift card directly from me, please leave a comment on this post and let me know what type of shifters you’re most interested in reading about! Wolves? Bears? Dragons? Horses? Butterflies, badgers, deer, or…? One winner will be selected at random and notified once the scavenger hunt is over. Make sure you also leave your email address so I can contact you.

Start the scavenger hunt by heading over to the PNR Lovers website to find the first clue. There you will find all the rules and instructions for participation, and a Google form link for submitting all of your answers. It’s easy and fun!

If you’ve already begun the scavenger hunt, click the graphic below and it will take you to the next step on your hunt. Good luck, and have fun!

Need a clue to answer my question below? You can find it easily on my website by searching for information from me on the Black Mesa Pack…. Remember, you have to submit your answer on the Google doc form on the PNR Lovers website.



Pre-order The Night Before Christmas, A New Black Mesa Wolves Holiday Short Story

The Night Before Christmas While the characters of book 4 (Tate and Claire in Wild Wolf) were causing me some angst and not showing up on the page exactly how I wanted them to, the idea for a holiday short story sprang into my mind! Triggered by two minor characters from Hunting Wolf, Mason and Ana, I had a little nugget of an idea that niggled at me until I wrote it down. Their story cries out for a longer telling one day…but for now, they have just the night before Christmas to decide how much their love is worth fighting for.

Omega wolf Ana Lyall knows she is essential to her pack, despite being its lowest-ranking member. She’s there for her packmates to let off steam when they’re upset and to encourage playfulness when they’re down. She knows her place, and she’s content in it. Until her worldview was rocked out of control when she met Mason Pearce. His seductive touch roused her wolf to possessive heights of ecstasy Ana didn’t realize she was capable of. But Mason is human, which means she will never be allowed to claim him as her mate. Even though it shredded her heart, she walked away and didn’t look back.

Mason Pearce has always been a live-and-let-live kind of guy. But meeting Ana changed everything. She’s gentle, loving, playful, and stirs his body into a wild passion he never dreamed he’d find. When she inexplicably dumped him, he knew there was more to it than she was telling him. Determined to get her back, he pulled out all the stops—only to be met with maddening silence after every attempt. But then he runs into her one festive December evening, and all the wild, sweaty, out-of-control memories clarify one truth: He can’t let her go again. No matter what it might cost him.

You can preorder The Night Before Christmas for only $0.99 by clicking one of the links below. It will be published on December 12th! I can’t wait to hear what you all think about it.

Amazon US

Amazon UK




Tate & Claire of Wild Wolf: Black Mesa Wolves #4

Tate and Claire are nibbling at my mind. Ok, they are downright chewing at it, letting me know in no uncertain terms their time to shine has arrived! Their story is in my head and outlined on the page (yep, I’m a plotter, though I end up pantsing as well when I actually write), and they are well on their way to busting out into the world. Or something like that. 🙂

So Tate is the next-to-youngest Bardou in the Black Mesa Wolf Pack. Big sister Lily and her love, Kieran, got their story in Guardian Wolf; then Rafe and Sara in Alpha Wolf; then Caleb and Rielle most recently in Hunting Wolf. Tate has been kind of at the edges of the pack, waiting his turn. He doesn’t have the first-born status of Lily, nor the alpha-to-be air of Rafe, nor the bulldozer ways of Caleb. Softer, gentler, but still with an agile mind and a definite presence, Tate is generally prepared to let his siblings be at the forefront of things if that’s what they want.

What does Tate want? He wants to train horses and connect with them on a soulful level, hang out with sweet girls who don’t demand a whole lot from him, and figure out how to honorably slip away from his Guardian role to pursue his life’s passion of working with animals. Tate loves his Pack and is very loyal to it, and he takes his Guardian duties seriously. With every passing year, however, he’s realized his life goal isn’t to be a Guardian, or lead a pack. But how do you extricate yourself from the very thing all your siblings wholeheartedly do and define themselves by, the very thing that has defined your own waking moments since you were a teenager, the very thing your entire family is known for? How do you leave the role of protecting your Pack when it’s currently under the greatest threat it’s faced for over a hundred years? That’s what Tate is quietly struggling with when he unexpectedly meets Claire, the one wolf who will shake his very foundations and make him question his life even more. Her wildness and freedom trigger something in him, and she fascinates him more than he ever thought it possible for a woman to do.

Inspiration for Tate. He’s usually smiling, though!

Claire is a wild wolf. She is a wolf without a pack, although she is not rogue. Wild wolves are rare, but they exist. Her mother fled a restrictive pack years ago and raised Claire as mostly wolf until Claire was a teenager. Now, Claire lives life by her own rules, and she likes it that way. Claire lives in a “free zone,” one that is not dominated by any pack and one in which she may live without the pack rules that delineate the lives of most shifters. This doesn’t mean she can do whatever she wants, though. If she travels through pack territory, she must play by their regulations. Overall, though, Claire wants little more than to remain a wild wolf, unattached to any pack and its strictures. A loner by nature, Claire is completely comfortable in her own skin. She certainly doesn’t want anything to do with male shifters, especially not after her last, very possessive shifter boyfriend. Everything is about to change, though, when she meets Tate! He’s gentler than any male shifter she’s ever met. He doesn’t seem to want to own her, possess her, claim her. In fact, he doesn’t seem to pursue her at all–which only gets her more intrigued.

Inspiration for Claire and her wolf

Inspiration for Claire and her wolf


Now that you’ve been somewhat introduced to Tate and Claire, back I go to writing about them!

Hunting Wolf is an All Romance eBooks BESTSELLER!

Hunting Wolf has hit the Bestseller list at All Romance ebooks!!! Woot! I’m officially a bestselling author. Hooray! I’ve hit lists on Amazon before, but this is the bestseller list for the entire store, rather than just genre sections. So…it’s just super cool.


Thanks so much to all of you out there who are buying it. I appreciate you all so very much!

Hunting Wolf is Here!

Happy release day to Hunting Wolf, Black Mesa Wolves #3! This book was a long time coming, but it’s here now.

I loved writing about Caleb and Rielle. He is your classic guy’s guy, the type to live by his fists, say what he means, and fly off the handle in a blind rage just at the thought of those horrible rogue wolves. If he doesn’t watch his step and mind his Alpha, he’s headed for a world of trouble. That temper of his has made life very difficult for him before. Oh, and did I mention he’s crazy sexy hot, too? He’s ripped because he works out all the time, befitting his status as a Pack Guardian. Deep down (sort of way deep down, but it’s there!), he’s sensitive and sweet. Sweetest of all, when Rielle begins to rock his world, he can’t think of anyone else but her. Too bad he keeps screwing it up!

As for Rielle, she’s gentle and kind, dreams of her classy Prince Charming, and is having some serious struggles with being a wolf shifter. She and Caleb get along like oil and water…cats and dogs…Democrats and Republicans…well, you get the picture. If he isn’t stepping on her toes (literally), he’s saying the exact opposite of what Price Charming would say. But her wolf is interested. Very, very interested. And even though Rielle is kind of nervous about having a wolf side, she has to agree that Caleb is sexier than sin and revs her motor high. So high and hard, she’s having a hard time concentrating on other things–like being scared to let her wolf off the leash she’s imposed on it for too long now.


To celebrate the release, there are awesome sale prices on the whole series!

Hunting Wolf #3 is on sale for only $0.99 during release!!!

Alpha Wolf #2 is on sale for only $0.99 right now!

Guardian Wolf #1 is on sale for free right now!


Uploading to the various online retailers seems to be taking extra long. Currently, it is available on Amazon! Hopefully it will be up soon on the other sites. You can download Hunting Wolf at the sites linked below.


All Romance eBooks

Amazon UK

Amazon Australia



I’d be so thrilled if you’d head over to Goodreads and add Hunting Wolf to your shelf! Reviews are lovely as well.



If you’re interested in contests, there’s a group giveaway I’m part of where you can win a Kindle Fire! Click on this giveaway link and enter away. The contest only runs until August 6.

Also, check out this Rafflecopter giveaway. It runs through August 10th. Gift cards, free copies of books, and there might be some more stuff added. 🙂 If you have any problems with this link, just look up and right on the this page–the Rafflecopter widget is right there.

I’m so excited to hear what readers think about Hunting Wolf. Let me know by leaving reviews on ebookstore sites–that’s super important for book visibility–and it also just lets me know how the wolves are doing out there. 🙂

Thanks to all of you for reading!

Caleb Bardou has a quick answer for anything that comes at him: his fists. Barreling through life, damn the consequences, has always worked for him. With dangerous rogue wolves threatening his Pack, he must be a ruthless hunter. But when a delicate little she-wolf gets in his steamroller way, he has to find a different strategy to win the unexpected battle for her body and her heart.


Each time civilized Rielle Amoux thinks about caveman Caleb, she gets all tingly inside. Yet she refuses to be flustered by a hot-headed, chest-thumping, he-man of a wolf. Except Caleb is sexier than sin, and he arouses her on a primal level—the part of her she’s always denied from fear she won’t be able to control it. But if she doesn’t free her wild side soon, she risks losing her wolf forever….


Between vicious rogues and sweetly seductive Rielle, Caleb has his hands full. Just when he thinks he has everything under control, his trigger temper erupts again. This time, the fallout could be disastrous for his Pack—as well as for any chance he has with the sexy little wolf who might be his destiny.