Hunting Wolf cover is here!

I really love the covers for this series. My super amazing cover artist, LFD Designs, is working on the covers for the next two books right now, and I can’t wait to see them.

But in the meantime…here’s the cover for Hunting Wolf, Book 3 in the Black Mesa Wolves series!


I love how Caleb and Rielle are portrayed. Caleb is strong, knows what he wants, and is ready to explore a future with Rielle. For her part, Ri is a little uncertain about the big wolf who thinks his fighting ways are the best answer to his problems! The cover captures that tension between them, while also showing that they are meant to be together. :)

Contest! Baby, It’s Cold Outside. #StayWarmWithABook

Baby it's cold outside contest graphic A lot of places in the country have been f-f-freezing this winter. In the interests of keeping our readers warm & happy, a bunch of authors and I decided to hold a contest! Check out all the love available for you to win.

What’a up for grabs, you ask? Why, let me tell you all about it.

Participating authors (in release date order)
1/21/2014: Faye Hunter, A Taste (Castle O Series) Facebook | Twitter
1/27/2014: Clarissa Wild, Fierce Facebook | Twitter
1/28/2014: Roxie Rivera, In Jack’s Arms (Fighting Connollys #2) Facebook | Twitter
2/3/2014: Cari Quinn, Shadowboxer (Tapped Out #1) Facebook | Twitter
2/3/2014: Crista McHugh, Breakaway Hearts Facebook | Twitter
2/4/2014: Natasha Moore, Playing for Real Facebook | Twitter
2/7/2014: Holley Trent, Teaching the Cowboy Facebook | Twitter
2/10/2014: Keri Ford, Rough Play (Roughnecks of Apple Trail #2) Facebook | Twitter
2/18/2014: Zoe York, When They Weren’t Looking Facebook | Twitter
2/19/2014: Sidney Bristol, Picture Her Bound Facebook | Twitter
2/23/2014: Cora Seton, The Cowboy Lassos a Bride Facebook | Twitter
2/24/2014: J.K. Harper, Hunting Wolf Facebook | Twitter
2/28/2014: Cate Baylor, A Crazy Reunion Facebook | Twitter

And these are the actual prizes:
(in author’s release date order):
Any book in the Castle O series by Faye Hunter (eBook)
Fierce by Clarissa Wild x3 (eBook)
In Kelly’s Corner by Roxie Rivera (print or eBook)
Signed print book + swag of Shadowboxer by Cari Quinn (US only)
Seduced (first in Lost in Oblivion series) by Cari Quinn (eBook)
Reader’s choice of backlist for Crista McHugh (print (US only) or eBook)
Playing for Real by Natasha Moore (eBook)
Teaching the Cowboy by Holley Trent (eBook)
Rough Ride (Roughnecks of Apple Trail #1) by Keri Ford (eBook)
The Cowboys of Chance Creek Vols 1-3 bundle by Cora Seton (eBook)
Hunting Wolf (Book 3 in Black Mesa Wolves series) x2 by by J.K. Harper (eBook)
Alpha Wolf (Book 2 in Black Mesa Wolves series) by by J.K. Harper (eBook)
Welcome to Wardham 3 book Contemporary Romance Bundle by Zoe York (eBook)
When They Weren’t Looking by Zoe York (eBook)
Picture Her Bound by Sidney Bristol (eBook)
A Crazy Reunion by Cate Baylor (eBook)

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Hunting Wolf: Caleb & Rielle’s story

It’s full steam ahead on getting ready for Hunting Wolf, Black Mesa Wolves #3. It will be out in February! Exact date to come soon. :)¬†There’ll be more news about it in the next newsletter, which will hit an inbox near you later this month. If you haven’t signed up for said newsletter, go ahead and do it–I send them out for new releases, contests, and only big news. Be the first to hear about special SALES and other cool stuff. :)

So, Hunting Wolf. This is Caleb and Rielle’s story. They have been such fun characters to write about! Caleb is so brash and cocky and ready to meet every and any challenge with his fists and his sometimes reckless mouth–he definitely tends to speak well before he thinks. Rielle is more reserved and holds back a great deal, and she’s much more finicky about appearances and behavior than Caleb.

As it will turn out, she’s hiding some big things from him, one super big thing in particular, and her internal struggle to set herself free will drive Caleb crazy in all the best ways. :) He has an uphill battle on his hands trying to convince her he’s not the graceless barbarian wolf she seems to think he is. Unfortunately for Caleb, he keeps displaying that rough side to Rielle every time their paths cross, which doesn’t help his case! It’s a good thing that somewhere deep down, she finds his unpolished maleness fascinating and attractive…when she stops long enough in her critical regard of him to realize he’s hiding some painful stuff, too. Our secrets and scars tend to make us who we present to the world, and it takes a very special person to see beneath the masks we wear in everyday life.

I’ll show off the cover when it’s done. My fabulous cover artist will be working on it at the end of this month, so I’ll do a reveal hopefully in early February. But here are my inspirations for Caleb and Rielle, just so you can get a picture of them in your head now. Happy looking!

Alpha Wolf is here!

Alpha Wolf is out in the world. Oh, it’s like sending a baby to school. But honestly, woot! I’m excited.

The buy links are below, so feel more than free to cruise over and pick up a copy. :) I’m also having a giveaway on my Facebook page, have some guest blog posts lined up in December, and will be having giveaways on Facebook, via my newsletter (ahem, have you signed up yet?), and am planning something lovely and fun over the holidays.

Sweeeeet! Thanks to all of you for supporting my wolves. They love it. ;)





shout out to the world

Just reviving the bloginess here. Getting geared back up in the Black Mesa world, and it feels good. I’m about to torture some ¬†characters…heh heh heh. It should be fun.

This was a long hiatus, and I do apologize for it. I have no excuses but for the usual dramas of life. If only everything was always smooth sailing and the writing flowed daily with ease! Well, that’s my intention now. It’s amazing how we create our own lives, and often don’t even realize it.

One of my top intentions: Write. Publish. Write more. Write better. Publish. Write.


Thanks for listening to my shout out, and thanks to *everyone* out there who has bought and read Guardian Wolf and wants more! You inspire me to keep writing.