Black Mesa Wolves Complete Boxed Set


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Black Mesa Wolves Box Set: The Collection

“If you are a shifter fan, then this series is for you. Very well written.” -Night Owl Reviews, 4.5 Top Pick

“I have to say the series just keeps getting better and better.” -Nerd Girl Official

Guardian Wolf
Lily Bardou lost her status as a Guardian for the Black Mesa Wolf Pack—until sexy shifter Kieran Rendall prowls into her life, very willing to help her release the past and unlock her caged passions.

Alpha Wolf
Wolf shifter Rafe Bardou craves one thing he can’t have: free-spirited Sara Kenyon as his mate. Although her red-hot kisses have eluded him for over a year, losing control isn’t an option. But it may be the only way to convince this sweet vixen he’s her alpha wolf.

Hunting Wolf
Sexy wolf shifter Caleb Bardou is a roughneck fighter who barrels through life, consequences be damned. Civilized Rielle Amoux refuses to be flustered by his caveman ways. But Caleb might be the only one who can unleash her wild side—before she loses her inner wolf forever.

Wild Wolf
When cowboy wolf shifter Tate Bardou meets stunning wild wolf Claire Amarok, he captures her untamed heart. But Tate is bound to his pack, and fiercely independent Claire will never submit to their rules—unless he can prove to her that the battle for a mate’s love is always worth the cost.

Solstice Wolf
Rising legal star and big city wolf Lia Woolsey put her ambitions on ice when she met her small town mate Connor Lowe–until she gets a once-in-a-lifetime job offer on the other side of the country. But dedicated doctor Connor can never abandon his responsibilities to go with her. Now they face an impossible choice that only winter solstice magic can solve.

Christmas Wolf

When omega wolf Ana Lyall walked away from her forbidden human soulmate, Mason Pearce, it shattered her heart, but she won’t have his blood on her hands. Nothing can entice her back to him—unless some wild Christmas magic can make their season bright after all.

New Year Wolf

Caleb Bardou is a fighter at heart. But when he was justifiably stripped of his Pack Guardian status, it knocked him out cold. With his hard-won mate, Rielle, now finally at his side, Caleb is on a new path—until an old enemy shows up and threatens to take the shine off Caleb and Rielle’s bright new year.

Protector Wolf

Jace Canagan has a last chance shot at being a Guardian for the Black Mesa Wolf Pack. Then sexy Caitlin Rendall strides into his life with her adorable twin cubs, challenging all his ideas of what it means to be a protector wolf.