Fire Wolf #4.75

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Fire Wolf - JK Harper

Fire Wolf a short novella in the Dallas Fire & Rescue Kindle World

“Get the tissues out for this one. A sexy, action packed and emotional story.” -petula winmill

After suffering an unspeakable childhood tragedy, firefighter Tanner Canagan uses his wolf shifter powers to rescue other helpless victims. But no matter how many people he saves, the dark history of his past prevents him from getting close to anyone. He doesn’t deserve to fall in love, especially not with a woman as gorgeous and amazing as Jordyn.

As a paramedic, Jordyn Lowe saves lives on a daily basis. As a wolf shifter, she’s dedicated to her pack. And as a woman, she’s head over paws in love with Tanner. Despite her own painful past with men, his tortured soul doesn’t scare her away. They just might be able to forge a union destined to last forever—if only they can both trust before it’s too late that their broken hearts can heal one another.


“This novella is just plain amazing. You are reading of two souls not allowing each other to get close as they don’t want to be hurt. Stressing the importance of family and forgiveness, this is one love story you don’t want to miss.” -Laura Furuta

“I LOVED this book. It had a wonderful storyline and a tearful HEA!” -Christy W.

“Wonderful story! TOTALLY believable characters and a fantastic ending.” -Donna Warren

“It is well-written and a good read for those who enjoy paranormal romances. It is short but you still get a good story with developed characters.” -L. Levine

“The story has heart, a great connection and intensity. A must read!” -Jenn Allen

“The characters are always beautifully written and I forget that shifters aren’t real when I get caught up in one of her books.” -Maria

Kindle US