Rogue Wolf #5


Coming soon!

Black Mesa Wolves #5

Luke Rawlins & Tala Mingan’s story

Luke Rawlins trusts no one. Growing up in a pack filled with madness and deception will do that to a wolf. As a result, his mind is cold and ruthless, his shattered heart dark and empty. Desperate calculation forced him to choose life as a rogue: always hunted, always watching his back. Then the Black Mesa Wolf Pack took him in. The opportunity to be alpha of his own pack is an unexpected shot at a real life again.

Now the only thing missing is the sexy, broken she-wolf who still crushes his heart no matter how hard he tries to forget her.

Tala Mingan never wanted to be broken, scarred, or merciless. But she’s the product of a damaged pack. In order to survive, she had to be calculating and outwardly heartless. Even though it ripped her soul in half, she couldn’t blame Luke for escaping the madness and leaving her behind. Trapped by the pack that will never let her go, she’s resigned to living a short, brutal life instead.

Then a terrible choice leaves Tala truly desperate and willing to do whatever it takes to save the only man she’s ever wanted—even if it costs her life.

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