Solstice Wolf

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Solstice Wolf #4.25

“Such a romantic love story.” -Debi

A Black Mesa Wolves Holiday Short Story

Once upon a time, wolf shifter Lia Woolsey fell in love. More specifically, she met her mate and settled down with him in a small town far from the bustling big city she’s always known. But she never thought she’d be the kind of woman to give up everything for a man—not even Connor, the mate of her heart, soul, and body. Five years later, she’s been offered a once-in-a-lifetime career opportunity she can’t turn down. Not even if it means leaving Connor behind and shattering her own heart.

Connor Lowe has everything a wolf shifter could want. His place in the Black Mesa Wolf Pack is secure, his deeply committed work as a doctor running a low-income medical clinic fills his days, and his mate, Lia, lights up his entire life. He’s the world’s happiest wolf—but his mate isn’t. And he loves her too much to stop her from leaving to follow her own bliss, even though he knows his days will darken into nothingness each moment she is away from him.

As the frozen longest night of the year approaches, Connor and Lia face an impossible choice…the kind only winter solstice magic might be able to fix before it’s too late.


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“This is such a great story! … They struggle with their choices but their connection runs so deep! I love their passion and commitment!” -Jenn Allen

“Such a romantic love story. Ms. Harper has done an excellent job writing this short story. It’s so well written with a steady flow from start to finish.” -Debi

“A wonderful Christmas story that made me smile in the end.” -Casie L

“It’s not often you get to read a story of any length where they have already mated or married, so for me, that alone scored this baby a gold star! … J.K. gave this story the perfect amount of depth & enrichment making it feel like you just experienced a longer story. And the fact that I DID experience it, not just read it, speaks volumes!” -Cherri-Anne Boitson

“A fantastic holiday conclusion that melts the heart. This is a great series.” -Sherill