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Dark, dangerous dragon shifters who just need true love

Burned: Book 3

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The only man who can save her is the same one whose life she ruined…

Permanently scarred fire dragon shifter Ash Connolly hides his ugly burns from the world. Once a drop-dead sexy ladykiller, now he’s a recluse. Especially from the only woman in the world whose touch he still craves. The one who ran from him the same night Ash was attacked and left for dead by another dragon: her own ruthless father.

Half-human, half-dragon Lyra Kerberos is a failed shifter. She can’t shift to save her life. When her scheming father tricked her into betraying Ash, then attacked him to steal his treasure hoard, Lyra did what any terrified coward would. She fled the dragon shifter world–and Ash.

But now Lyra’s sister is getting married, and Lyra has to come home for the wedding. Where she finally will face Ash, the only man she has ever loved. Ash, the one who will never forgive her for ruining him. Ash, the only one who can save Lyra’s life as her past abruptly returns to wreak deadly vengeance on her and destroy Ash…this time, for good.

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