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Dark, dangerous dragon shifters who just need true love

Dazzled: Book 1

“The pages were so hot, they almost melted my reader.”


She is the key to his treasureif she can unlock his heart in time

Very alpha male dragon shifter Sebastian Bernal rules a modern empire of riches. What he wants, he gets. Betrayed once by a thieving woman, he scorns love. His driving passion is to find his family’s stolen gold treasures. But he keeps getting distracted by a certain blonde bombshell—who happens to be his employee.

Practical, ordinary Lacey Whitman loves her demanding job. She has no time for men—except the dark, sexy one who tempts her to throw caution to the wind. But super hot Sebastian is utterly off limits. He’s her boss. A boss who’s turning out to be very irresistible…

Yet even as her own desire melts Sebastian’s defenses, danger threatens them both. She’s his fated mate—but only if she can unlock his shattered heart. And time is running out.

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“First let me start by saying I’ll be adding J.K Harper to my must have list I’ll beg borrow and even think about stealing to get a hold of her books. Dazzled was an amazing read.” – GJM

“A great start to this brand new series and a fast, flowing read.” -Arch_Angel

“J.K. Harper has written a fantastic read for us. … Can’t wait for more by this author.” -Vivian

“I am amazed and ecstatic at this storyline. I have read many dragon shifter series and I must say that this seems to be the start of one of the best ones yet. I can’t wait to read more.” -Debbie

“OMG! A must read if you like dragon shifters. Wonderful plot and fantastic characters.” – mima48

“Just finished Dazzled and I could NOT put it down. This is one sexy mesmerizing love story.” -sewanee 2010

“J.K. Harper has caught my attention with the first book in the Dragon mates series.” – melinda g

“This story will grab you right from the start until the last page.” – kazza

“J K Harper has written another wonderful story. I am elated to have read it.” – Judith Shaw

“OH MY GOODNESS!!!! I absolutely loved it. Everything about it was amazing especially the chemistry between Sebastian and Lacey. It was phenomenal, I was hooked on this book from the very first moment I started reading it.” – Nicole Holt


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