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Dark, dangerous dragon shifters who just need true love

Thrilled: Book 2

“The story was well-plotted out, superb and extremely entertaining.” -Night Owl Reviews, 5-star Top Pick


She is either his salvation—or his total destruction.

Unimaginable loss haunts water dragon shifter Kai Long. Now he lives merely for fleeting, shallow pleasure. His sole other goal? To break the death spell that locked his treasure away. It seems like an impossible task—until he witnesses a fascinating human woman touch his gold hoard.

Daredevil underwater archeologist Gabi Santos keeps men at arm’s length. Very long arm’s length. But meeting wildly sexy Kai could change her mind. Yet she can’t let him in. Not after she’s made a desperate choice that might crush her soul—and wipe out her career.

Kai finds Gabi’s fiery passion, her sexy curves, her witty retorts more enticing than he can deny, despite his bolted shut heart. But Gabi has a dangerous secret. The kind that can destroy a dragon as well as any shot at true love…forever.

Amazon US | Amazon UK | Amazon AU | Amazon CA | Goodreads

“I loved the storyline. The characters are well developed and grow throughout the story. I highly recommend this book to everyone.” – Nerd Girl Official

“A beautiful and emotional love story that is a must read.”

“Actually makes me wish I was in Gabi’s place — claimed by a DRAGON named Kai! I loved every moment spent reading this book.”

“A sexy, sassy, hot book … [D]efinitely another one of J.K. Harper’s page turners.”

“Simply Awesome and Magical. There was action, drama, romance and an awesome dragon book boyfriend for me to love. I wholeheartedly recommend this story for all those shifter romance lovers out there.” -Robin Smith

“The author does a fabulous job by luring readers into this wild adventure with charming characters, witty dialogue, breathtaking vivid scene descriptions, gripping suspense, and spine-chilling action.” -sherill

“Wonderfully written storyline with hot, steamy love scenes along with amazingly real characters make this book come to life.” -Donna Warren

“I loved Gabriela Santos, her character was strong, adventurous and bold. And Kai Long Dragon Shifter, truly a lovable character. I think I’m in love with a Water Dragon. You will love this story of love, loss and healing as much as I do.” -Linda Romer

“Ooh, I want one!! A water dragon that can also fly, sign me up!! Kai is my new book boyfriend!” -Faerie-Bookworm

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