License to Sass (Sassy Ever After Kindle World)

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License to Sass is my book in Milly Taiden’s Sassy Ever After Kindle World! Meet Dante & Carmen, fated mates with a heck of a lot of passion, drama, and sex.


Wolf shifter Dante Romano is a ladykiller with soulful eyes, a cocky swagger, and enough smokin’ hot sex appeal to burn a woman’s panties right off her. He acts like he’s shifterdom’s gift to womankind. Since he’s got the bedroom skills to back that up, why not enjoy the benefits? He would…if he didn’t know down to his toes that curvy, tempestuous Carmen is his mate. Only no way, no how does she seem to want to be tied forever to a bossy alpha male wolf like Dante. Not even after he puts his mark on the damned impossible woman.

Every time Carmen Delacruz thinks about Dante, she gets hot and bothered. He could make an angel sin, with his dark chocolate eyes and those talented lips and hands. Not to mention he stole her heart years ago, ruining her for any other guy. However, he’s got the overbearing alpha male thing down to a science…and that pisses off self-reliant Carmen like crazy. No, she sure doesn’t need a man to complete her. But when she finally realizes she really does want license to sass Dante for the rest of her life, it just might be too late.

“Ladies get your showers, hoses, towels, or fans whatever you’ll need to cool off because it’s going to get real hot!” -SpanishLady

“JK Harper is an exceptionally talented author. This paranormal shifter story is funny romantic and full of spice.” -Charleann D.

“I adored the dynamic between them, as well as their journey towards happiness.” -AC

Amazon US

how to get it if you are not in the U.S.:

You can just open an account on the Amazon U.S. store and then buy anything that may not be available in your own country, including License to Sass and my other Kindle Worlds book, Fire Wolf.

Or, if you are in the UK or Australia, you can temporarily transfer your account:
-Sign into your regular Amazon account, click on where it says Hi (your name), then click on Manage Your Device and Content. Then click settings.
-Scroll down until you get to country settings. Read through where it says click here to see what eligible Amazon you can shop with. Click the blue “here”
-Near the bottom of that expand click here there will be a blue “learn more”
-Then you can click the yellow bar that says “Transfer Your Kindle Account” and it’s on Amazon US.
-Just follow the instructions to transfer back to your regular account.

Play this video for another taste of License to Sass: