Hunter’s Moon

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Introducing the Silvertip Shifters, a grizzly bear clan that lives near the Black Mesa Wolf Pack but handles things their own way: in sexy, growly, very alpha male bear style!

Hunter’s Moon: a short novella

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a Black Mesa Wolves/Silvertip Shifters crossover novella

Abby Kenyon belongs to Quentin Walker heart, body, and soul. But she’s a sweet wolf shifter, and he’s one big brute of a bear shifter. The autumn full moon mating run is his last chance to prove that only he can win the hunt for her heart…

Kindle US | Kindle UK | Kindle CA | Kindle AU | Goodreads

“Yes, here is another example of why I say this lady can write. Ms. Harper writing’s are always so smooth, her words flow page to page, chapter through chapter, so before you know it you’ve read the whole book.”

“J.K. Harper has done it again, I love her stories! The characters Abby and Quentin have such great chemistry!”

“Quentin is such a great guy and I totally fell for him.”

“Loved Abby and Quentin’s story and that they are 2 different species in love with each other. I had never read anything with that premise before but when you mix a wolf and a bear in this story you get lots of sexiness and awwwww moments. Definitely a must read!”

“I love how Ms. Harper engages my emotions.”