Hunted by the Pack

Wicked Wolf Shifters: Volume 2, part 2 (Tamsin & Jackson)

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Tamsin Reginald’s life used to be utterly in control. Then she had dirty hot sex with Jackson, bad boy of her wolf pack. It did something wild and unexpected to her tightly-leashed heart. Until Jackson’s playboy ways caught up with him, slamming her heart shut again.

Now all Tamsin hopes for is bloodshed during the pack’s annual midsummer hunt. Preferably Jackson’s blood.

Jackson Rule’s life used to be utterly awesome. A high-ranking wolf shifter, he had the pick of any woman he wanted as well as nearly unlimited power in his pack. Then he fell for Tamsin, his alpha’s sister. Big mistake. Even worse? Defying pack law by marrying a human woman during his debauched vacation last week—and having zero memory of it.

Now Jackson Rule’s life is in danger, because he’s about to be hunted by the pack…


To the reader: This story contains hot sex with all the dirty details, naughty language, characters who say “oh, hell yeah” to the fun times, the potential edges of shifter violence, and yes, a cliffhanger. If that isn’t your thing, this story probably won’t be either. But if all that sounds great, this short serial is for you!


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