Realizing the beautiful human surrender, Cassandra, was actually his mate rocked Trevor’s world. It’s also slowly unlocking his scarred heart. Claiming her as part of his pack will not only bring him many hours of luscious enjoyment in her company, it will also keep her safe. But even being a powerful alpha doesn’t mean he can protect her from those who have their own desperate plans—no matter what the outcome.

Snatched by the enraged members of a wolf pack who will never accept a human mate for their alpha, Cassie is about to die at their lethal jaws. Even her gorgeous, badass alpha mate, Trevor, can’t save her now, because he has no freaking idea where she is. It’s up to her to defend herself against the dangerous, violent wolves who view her as little more than collateral damage. Cassie’s been taken by the pack—and her time is about to run out.

To the reader: This story contains hot sex with all the dirty details, naughty language, characters who say “oh, hell yeah” to the fun times, shifter violence, and yes, a cliffhanger. If that isn’t your thing, this story probably won’t be either. But if all that sounds great, this short serial is for you!


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“Danger and adventure lurk around every corner in this thrilling serial romance.”

“Cassie is a strong female lead. She doesn’t wait for her man to come to her rescue, even though she would like to.”

“Cassandra is getting braver and more outgoing which I love…She is an alpha without the wolf part.”

“The author created some great characters in this book and how they act with each other is really very good. The storyline flow in this book was smooth as glass and I really enjoyed the book.”

“The cliffhanger leaves one gasping, holding the breath, reaching for the next installment. Definitely a Five Star book.”