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Hunting Wolf:

Black Mesa Wolves #3


Caleb Bardou knows two things really well: how to fight rogue wolves, and how to say it like it is. So what if he steps on some tails along the way? Tough. That is, until a gentle, smart, innocently sexy little she-wolf makes him trip over his own feet and tongue one too many times. Nothing gets his fur in a ruff more than a good challenge. And sweet yet inhibited Rielle Amoux is a bigger challenge than he ever thought.


Every time Rielle thinks about Caleb, she gets deliciously twisted up inside. He’s just so darn big. And rough. Not to mention he could annoy anyone to distraction. Of course, she’s not remotely distracted. She’s got too much class to be flustered by a trigger-tempered wolf–even though he’s sexier than sin. No, someone like Caleb could never possibly excite her own wolf, desperately straining against the leash Rielle has tightened on her own primal self for too long now.


But Rielle’s been holding out on Caleb. In fact, she has a bit of a secret from the whole pack. And if she doesn’t take a walk on her wild side, soon, she’ll not only endanger her Pack, she’ll jeopardize the very existence of her wolf—forever.